Birthday Parties - The Classroom

The Samford Store is proud to present The Classroom

Take out your wands, get your robes on, and prepare for the greatest wizarding party EVER.

Use the Extension Charm to add as many options as you want to your bag - We have something to suit every budget to make each little Witch or Wizards magical dream party.

  1. Hire out our classroom and host your own party (maximum 12 guests).
  2. Choose to hire The Classroom, PLUS an experienced host who will take the class for Magical Potion Making, Wand Decorating and Spell-casting Workshops or Make Troll Boogers in our Certificate in Slime Class.  You can choose as many fun activities as you can fit in your bag.
  3. Our House Elves can also cater with a host of yummy treats from themed Cupcakes, Bertie Bott Every Flavour Beans or Chocolate Frogs - all washed down with our very own ButterScotch Brew
  4. Pick options from our decoration packs and take home loot bags
  5. Test our House Elves baking skills and ask them to bake a unique cake to make this special occasion even more special.

A range of party additions are found here